Tragedy Strikes Nepal

Earthquake strikes Nepal, Death Toll Passes 4000

Nepal such a beautiful country, the landscape, close to the largest mountain in the world Mount Everest has been struck by tragedy as there was an Earthquake that killed over 4000 people. It has displaced many people from their homes. Caused much turmoil to the already hard to reach villages, that are now starving, there are helicopter crews that are taking much needed supplies to the remote villages but they only travel during the day. Many foreign tourists have died there also, and many more are still trapped in Nepal as the natural disaster relief roles out around the areas effected in the country. A Nepal's UNESCO World Heritage sites crumble in deadly earthquake described as an 'It's an irreparable loss' the Kathmandu Valley will probably not be able to be restored and this cultural site is lost forever. Nepal still is in need so if you are able to give to charity send money to the