Sydney Traffic Congestion

Sydney roads are busy, dangerous and mostly slow in cars.

As the Easter long weekend approaches we are reminded to take care on Sydney roads either going out of or into the city. In 2014 over Easter weekend there were 5 fatal crashes and 95 reported injury crashes. These crashes resulted in 5 road deaths, 17 serious injuries and 123 minor injuries. Easter is a time to come together with family and friends over the weekend for a good time, however our roads are getting busier and busier it is much safer to take a shuttle bus than risk the roads by yourself, Sydney Airport Shuttle can take you were you need to go safely.

Sydney Roads are used by the ever increasing population of the Greater Sydney area which comprises of 4.76 million people as of 2013. There is also little relief to the situation on Sydney roads as there is no vision or no plan to build new networks, or new ways of getting around. A review into fast rail suggested that despite popular belief it could be attainable, but there is no one willing to get behind such an endeavour, fast rail will attract more people onto the rail network and free up the roads. Until that time Sydney Airport Shuttle is at your disposal, we are allowed to take different lanes to smaller vehicles and get you where you want to go faster than by car, and you don’t have to rely on the unreliable and limiting train network.